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HarbourVOICES! ft. Jacob Collier
Jul 02, 2024
Billy Idol: Rebel Yell 2024
Aug 25, 2024
NLE Choppa
Sep 13, 2024
The Australian Pink Floyd Show
Sep 22, 2024
40 Years of Sawyer Brown
Nov 06, 2024
Grand Slam of Curling KIOTI National
Nov 26, 2024

Venue Policies

The following conditions, policies and procedures are in place to help and ensure you enjoy a safe and memorable experience at Mary Brown’s Centre.

Code of Conduct

Mary Brown’s Centre is committed to providing a safe, respectful, and entertaining event experience to all guests and staff.  We ask that your conduct respect the rights of others.  As such, improper conduct, which includes but is not limited to lack of adherence to health and safety protocols, profane or abusive language, physical harassment or other abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

For your safety and comfort, unacceptable conduct is subject to ejection from the venue.



Dedicated accessible seating is available on the concourse level in section 120, 121 & 122 and in section 206 of the suites level.

One attendant pass is available free of charge with accessible ticket purchase and acceptable proof of attendant status.   For accessible seating, please call our Box Office at 709-576-7657.  The recommended drop location is in the temporary 15 minute parking zone at 50 New Gower Street with entrance via Gate 1.

Alcohol-Free Seating

Alcohol-Free seating is available at Mary Brown’s Centre.  The following section is designated as an Alcohol-Free Zone: Upper section 112.

Alcohol Management

As the licensee, Mary Brown’s Centre is committed to the responsible sale and service of alcohol and complies with the regulations of the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Control Act. It is Mary Brown’s Centre policy to serve alcoholic beverages in a professional manner which is intended to promote responsible consumption so that we can deliver a safe and enjoyable event for all of our guests.

The legal age for alcohol consumption in the Province of Newfoundland is 19 years of age. For each alcohol purchase, any customer who appears to be age 25 or under is required to show valid, government-issued photo ID, which proves that they are of the legal age for consumption. Alcohol will not be sold without valid ID. Mary Brown’s Centre reserves the right to refuse alcohol service to any patron at any time.

Outside alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Guests attempting to bring alcohol into the venue will be denied entry.  Alcoholic beverages are not permitted to leave the venue.


Have a question or need assistance during an event?  You can speak with any uniformed event attendant.  Following an event, please contact our box office at (709) 576-7657.

Assisted Listening

Mary Brown’s Centre has individual assistive listening devices available for use. With our in-house Williams Sound FM transmitters, patrons will be channeled directly to the music. Just turn on the device and adjust the audio to your personal comfort level – it’s that easy. Drop by the box office on your way into your next concert and sign one out! Credit card and ID needed to sign out a device. Headphones are not provided by Mary Brown’s Centre – please be sure to bring your own. Available on a first come, first serve basis.


ATMs are located by sections 102, 106, and 122.



Bags smaller than 12 x 12 x 6 are permitted. Large purse and bags such as backpacks will not be permitted. Bags and other items may be subject to inspection and persons may be searched.  Persons who refuse inspections or searches may be denied entry to the venue.


Banners and signs are generally permitted and displayed. These signs must not hinder or distract or interfere with the view of other patrons, and they must not be obscene or in poor taste. Commercial signs or messages are not permitted. Management reserves the right to remove any banner or sign deemed unacceptable.

Box Office

Mary Brown’s Centre is the official seller of all tickets.  The Box Office is located on site at Gate 1.  Box office hours are 12 noon – 5 pm, Monday through Saturday.  On event days the box office will remain open for one hour after the start of an event.

Tickets for all Mary Brown’s Centre events are available for purchase here or by phone at (709) 576-7657.

Bus Parking

Mary Brown’s Centre has a bus drop-off location located in the layby at 50 New Gower Street.



The use of flash photography and professional equipment, including video, audio or digital recording equipment, is not permitted.

Children – Tickets

For most shows, children under the age of two are admitted free of charge and must sit on the lap of an adult.  This policy may vary by event; please inquire at the time of ticket purchase.

Children aged 12 years and under must be accompanied by an adult.


All food stands and kiosks are operated by Mary Brown’s Centre.

Concession stands and kiosks are located on the Concourse providing a variety of food and beverage selections.

Outside food and beverage is not permitted.


Doors Open

Unless otherwise stated, doors open 1 hour before the scheduled event start time.



Elevators are located at Gate 2 and across from section 105.


The main entrance gate and box office is located at 50 New Gower Street via Gate 1.


First Aid

St. John Ambulance is on-site for all public events, located in the First Aid Room next to Gate 5.


MB Centre gift cards can be used to pay for event tickets or concession items at MB Centre. To check the gift card balance, click here.


Infant Change Areas

Infant changing tables are available in all restrooms with the exception of male washroom at section 104.  The family restroom is located on the concourse behind sections 119 and 124


Lost Children

Parents looking for lost children should contact an event attendant to initiate lost child protocol.  If you should find a lost child, please bring them to any venue personnel.

Lost and Found

Lost items:  During an event, please notify an event attendant of any lost items.

Found Items:  Any found items will be kept in our box office, located at 50 New Gower Street.  Items are stored for 30 days.  For more information, contact our box office at (709) 576-7657

Please note that Mary Brown’s Centre is not responsible for any items lost, stolen or damaged items.


Media Access

Media entrance is Gate 5, located next to Gate 1. All media must have appropriate credentials for all events.


Merchandise is available at various locations around the concourse during select events.



Mary Brown’s Centre is unable to accommodate paging of guests. In the case of an emergency, we will attempt to reach the guest through their seat location.

Prohibited Items

Mary Brown’s Centre reserves the right to deny access for any items deemed a safety concern or may result in an undesirable impact on the guest experience.

Illegal items will be turned over to the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary.

To ensure guests safety, the following items are prohibited from Mary Brown’s Centre:

  • Aerosol cans
  • Air horns (or any other noise maker may also be prohibited at the discretion of management)
  • Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, noxious substances
  • Animals (with the exception of certified service dogs)
  • Glass bottles
  • Coolers or thermos containers
  • Beach balls, Frisbees, helium balloons or other inflatables
  • Confetti and fireworks
  • Firearms, knives or other weapons
  • Folding chairs
  • Items prohibited based on promoter request
  • Laser pointers
  • Outside food and beverage
  • Parcels, Packages or items that the contents of which are not displayed
  • Posters
  • Purses or bags larger than 12 x 12 x 6 are prohibited
  • Skateboards, roller-blades and roller-skates
  • Stolen tickets
  • Sticks or clubs (Including signs or banners attached to sticks


Any guest found endangering others by throwing or tossing objects within the venue, or onto the ice surface, will be ejected from the venue.



Once a guest has exited the venue, there is no re-entry. In the case of a special circumstance or emergency, please contact an event attendant for assistance prior to exiting the venue.


Operated by Sodexo Live. Open for most events. Tickets may be purchased by phone or in person at our box office for restaurant seating for the duration of most events. This reserves the seating. Otherwise, seating is available without reservation for a portion of the event once a guest is in the venue.


Restrooms are located throughout the concourse and on suites level.  All restrooms are wheelchair accessible. Accessible family and gender inclusive restrooms are located on the concourse level behind section 119 and 124


Scent Aware

Please do not wear perfume, cologne, lotion, aftershave and other fragrances. Be sensitive to others.

Search Procedures

Well-established search procedures are a crucial part of maintaining security at Mary Brown’s. The type of event will determine the level of search required. Some events may require a more common visual search while others may necessitate metal detectors and/or a voluntary physical search.

Security Protocols

To ensure a safe, enjoyable experience, all guests are subject to bag searches upon entry. Please refer to section B for details on our Bag Policy.

Security measures may be enhanced based on the specific event, or orders from local authorities, and at the discretion of Mary Brown’s Centre. These procedures may include, but are not limited to, a more thorough search of guests and their property.

Guests that refuse to participate with security protocol will be refused entry and will not be eligible for a refund.

Service Animals

The Mary Brown’s Centre abides by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador regulations as outlined in the Service Animal Act.

Animals or pets are not permitted at Mary Brown’s Centre, except for service animals assisting patrons with disabilities. A service animal is defined as an animal trained to provide assistance to a person with a disability, meeting the qualifications specified by the regulations, and utilized by a person with a disability. Patrons entering our venue with a service animal will be required to provide documentation upon request, unless it is readily apparent that the service animal is used by the person for reasons in relation to the individual’s disability.

Smoking Policy

Mary Brown’s Centre is a smoke-free venue, including e-cigarettes, medical marijuana and other vapour producing devices.


There are 36 Suites inside Mary Brown’s Centre. Suites can be found on Level 2. Gate 2 is the designated entry for suite holders with the main suites customer service desk at the top on the stairs at Gate 2.


Ticketing Policies

  • All sales are final. Please review your ticket selection before payment is processed. There are no exchanges, cancellations or refunds.
  • All tickets purchased online are subject to per ticket service charges, per order processing fees and delivery fees.
  • Treat your tickets as you would any other valuable or cash.
  • All patrons must have a ticket to enter the venue/event. Children 24 months and under may enter for ECHL & NBL Games without a ticket, but must sit in a parent/guardian’s lap at all times.
  • All ticket sales are subject to credit card approval and billing address verification.
  • Ticket prices for events are listed in Canadian dollars.
  • All ticket points of sale have access to the same ticket inventory.
  • There are ticket purchase limits which will vary depending on the event. Attempting to exceed this limit may cancel your order.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to confirm the order has been received successfully. If you do not receive an on-line confirmation after purchasing or receive an error message during processing please contact the Box Office.
  • All children aged 12 years and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • If an event is cancelled or postponed we will attempt to contact you to inform you of refund or exchange procedures for that event. For exact instructions on any cancelled or postponed event, please check the event information online or contact us. If a refund is issued, it will be issued using the same method of payment that was used to purchase the tickets.
  • Mary Brown’s Centre reserves the right to cancel a ticket order or limit access to any user known or believed to be associated with any ticket broker, scalper or illegal venture.



Wheelchair locations are reserved for those who require accessible seating. Please purchase in advance. The option for accessible seating is available by contacting the box office at 709-576-7657.

Our venue has a limited number of wheelchairs available which may be temporarily used to transport a guest to and from their seat.

Due to limited space, Mary Brown’s Centre is unable to store a guest’s wheelchair or walker.

Will Call

Patrons may pick up pre-ordered tickets at the Box Office in the main lobby.