Public Health Approves Fan Attendance at Mary Brown’s Centre

Mary Brown’s Centre is proud to announce that fans will be welcomed back to the arena beginning Wednesday, February 9th as the Newfoundland Growlers take on the Maine Mariners.

As we navigate the current Public Health orders, there will be several restrictions and measures in place to to ensure a safe return:

  • Seating capacity will be restricted in the building due to the safety regulations required by Public Health.
  • NLVaxPass is required for entry.
  • As is current practice, there will be no re-entry to the facility.
  • Masks MUST be worn at all times at all seating levels, including suites and party boxes.
  • Food and Beverage will not be available.
  • No gathering/lingering will be permitted on the concourse.

Ticket Holder Information & Seating Restrictions

The following seating restrictions will be put in place due to the current Public Health orders:

  • Fans will be seated together in household bubbles which is defined as people who live within your household.
  • Six feet of physical distancing will be enforced between bubbles which will include the use of alternating rows of seating.

Given the seating restrictions result in a significant change to seating capacity, a modified general admission policy for games played under modified Alert Level 3 has been developed.

All fans, including season ticket holders, will be seated as follows:

  • Upon entry, household bubbles are to proceed to the section that is indicated on their ticket.
  • Household bubbles will be seated by ushers in the order that they arrive and will be seated in available rows in the section that they currently hold tickets for until the capacity for that section is reached.
  • Should a section reach its maximum capacity as outlined by current Public Health guidelines prior to ticket holders’ arrival, ticket holders will be moved to another section with available seating.
  • Once household bubbles are seated, 6 feet of physical distance will be established by closing off seating on either side of the bubble before the next bubble is seated by staff.
  • Season tickets holders, package holders, and single-game ticket holders should not expect to be seated in the exact seats or sections that are indicated on their current tickets under the temporary modified general admission policy.

For further clarification, tickets holders can contact the Mary Brown’s Centre Box office by email at or by phone at (709) 576-7657.