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Traditional Karate-do Renaissance Festival


The Festival World Karate-do Renaissance will be held on October 26th and 27th, at Mile One Centre. The 2 main events will take place simultaneously: World Traditional Karate-do Championships and Traditional Karate-do World Children’s Cup.

It will be the multi-style karate tournament. The competition will be attended by representatives of diverse schools of karate-do in the world. It will be the next step of our cooperation with World Fudokan Federation to develop our platform for the future of traditional karate-do worldwide.

Our vision of cooperation with the different karate organizations means that through the common historical heritage we should spread the benefits of practicing karate and use them in the global education and human development. We are very opened for variety which is beautiful in its nature. It is only one proper direction to understand the karate as a martial art, as art of good manners and way to see and understand the otherness.


October 26 (Friday)
Festival World Karate-Do Renaissance

October 27 (Saturday)
Festival World Karate-Do Renaissance
Sayonara Party